The Ibiza Twiins awarded the Starlight Hotel certification


The Ibiza Twiins was recently awarded the Starlight Hotel certification, making it a pioneering resort in a beach holiday destination to officially receive this renowned accreditation in Spain.

This certification is recognition of all the hard work The Ibiza Twiins has done towards promoting astronomy and respect for the natural environment. The Starlight certification brings together science and tourism with a system based on the principles contained within the “Declaration on the Defense of the Night Sky and the Right to the Light of the Stars”, using astronomy and a view of the celestial sphere as a means of achieving this.

The Starlight Foundation audits environments with optimum sky visibility that serve as a positive example of protection and conservation. The Ibiza Twiins offers spaces that are perfect for viewing the night sky and this certification perfectly demonstrates that its tourism and leisure activities are fully compatible with protection against light pollution.

We are very proud of the results of this strategic reflection process and of our ability to allow our guests to discover the essence of Ibiza with an entirely unique product, offering them an original and innovative experience where they can learn about the island’s history, incredible nature and rich culture; in short, giving them the opportunity to discover Ibiza in the most authentic way possible with the help of technology.

The Starlight Foundation is an organisation created by the Astrophysics Institute of the Canary Islands (IAC) and the consulting company Corporación 5. Its main aim is to protect the night sky, promote astronomy and publicise, coordinate and manage the Starlight movement. To do this, it organises activities and offers a range of different products and services related to this field.