Five of the best places to enjoy the Ibizan sunset

Five of the best places to enjoy the Ibizan sunset

Ibiza is a multifaceted island with an infinite number of different features, each one of them equally attractive

It is famous for its nighttime strolls, its Adlib fashion, the clarity of its waters, the charm of its coves, its history that dates back over a thousand years, its cuisine, its artistic creativity, its hippy heritage… In addition to this long list of treasures, there is another that is especially intense during the summer months: the sunset.

Ibiza’s long stretch of coast facing the west makes it the perfect vantage point for gazing at this magical sight from the most unexpected places.

But we are now going to narrow this down to five places that could be considered essential for any visitor that has never been to the island before.

Ses Variades. A classic. The place where the sun sets and where Ibiza’s chill out spirit was born in the 80s. This area is attached to the town centre of San Antonio, from where it can be easily accessed on foot by taking a pleasant coastal stroll. If you leave by the same pier at the harbour and go along the rocky coast, in just a few minutes you will reach an area full of terraces and bars where you can enjoy the sunset with the most popular music of the moment. The legendary Café del Mar is one of the many establishments that offer a perfect position for enjoying the exquisite sunset.

Benirrás, the rhythm of drums with a hippy soul. Benirrás is the name of a cove to the north of the island of Ibiza, in the municipality of San Juan. Its location is particularly ideal for watching the sunset, and the beauty of the environment is enhanced in a dramatic way thanks to the presence of a small but vertical islet that can be seen in the centre of the horizon. From the rocky meridian, regulars will be able to see the evolution of the summer depending on the side of the rock where the sun sets. The drum festival that is held every Sunday night on the beach is famous, although you should bear in mind that nearby traffic is restricted to maintain the comfort and safety of the people who congregate in this space.

Cala Conta, a glorious space. Nestled between some small white sandstone cliffs you will find a couple of stretches of beach, located in the municipality of San José. Their beauty is unequalled. From the wide-open space, the closest horizon from this beach is the enormous silhouette of Des Bosc island, that hides behind its larger neighbouring island, Conejera. From the same beach, or from a few metres higher up on the large cliffs that characterise the area, you will be able to see one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island, along with a family of islets in the distance. On days with good visibility you will also be able to make out the peninsular coast of Denia.

Punta Galera, the most meditative sunset. This spot is one of the most unique coves on the coast of Ibiza. The activities of an old quarry have created a coastline with flat stone formations that stretch out at different heights along both sides of the V-shaped cove. It is quite difficult to access, so you will need to take care and employ common sense when walking there along the rocky paths that are fairly high above sea level. But once you make it there, the experience is entirely unique. Dark blue waters with depths full of riches and the potential to watch the sunset in silence, alone or in good company.

The Mirador of Cala d’Hort, a classic image. We are back in the municipality of San José to check out the area where the iconic islet of Es Vedrà can be found, along with its smaller brother, Es Vedranell. This immense mass, that has been photographed endless times, has become a magnificent backdrop for the most mystical and dreamlike sunsets on the magical island of Ibiza. Before arriving at the cove of the same name, there are a number of different paths that lead to an area with cliffs that will offer a fantastic view. From the height of these cliffs you will be able to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the sunset. You should try and get there nice and early to make sure you get a good spot.