Which ibiza twiins guest are you, joy or life? that is the question

the ibiza twiins huésped

You’ve already taken the first step towards your dream Ibiza holiday, you’re already an official guest of our most upbeat hotel, but now it’s time to decide: are you a Joy guest or a Life guest?
Discover your style and take a trip to the “white island” with this quiz:

1. Which style do you prefer?

A. White, as the island of Ibiza is known.
B. Bright and cheerful colours. Like red red wine.

2. What’s your perfect plan?

A. An afternoon at the beach, the exclusive Upper Level terrace and a cocktail in hand.
B. A peaceful day at The Core, the heart of our hotel, relaxing by the lovely pool.

1 y 2

3. Which word best describes your dream holiday in Ibiza?

A. Relax.
B. Non-stop.

4.What is Ibiza to you?

A. The island of freedom; a place to find yourself.
B. The most hectic-paced island on the Mediterranean, undoubtedly a place made for fun.

5. What’s your must-have item for your summer holidays in Ibiza?

A. My phone. I want to share the best stories.
B. My best dancing shoes. I want to go wild this summer in the Ibizan clubs!

6. What is your favourite Mediterranean dish?

A. I’m an unconditional paella lover!
B. Any typical Ibizan dessert: graixonera, flao, orelleta, etc.

5 y 6

7. Which cocktail suits your personality best?

A. An ice-cold mojito.
B. A piña colada.

8. What is the most unique moment in Ibiza?

A.Watching the sunset on any Ibizan beach.
B. Enjoying the sunrise with the sea breeze.

9. Which would you prefer for a nice refreshing swim?

A. A relaxing swim in The Core’s large swimming pool finished off with a dip in our submerged sun loungers.
B. A swim in the crystal-clear waters of Ibiza’s coves.

10. With which garment do you identify more?

A. A sarong: light and practical. I can use it for everything!
B. A beach towel for my naps on the sand.

9 y 10


**If you answered mostly A:

You are undoubtedly the ideal guest for our Life building. You love the island of Ibiza, you already know a lot about the island, and you have its spirit steeped in your summer holiday wishes. You’re a true Ibizan!

**If you answered mostly B:

You like to enjoy your holidays, you make time for everything and you find the perfect balance between time for fun and time for relaxation. Welcome to Joy, your Ibizan home!