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They say that Ibiza has something to offer everyone. Whether it be the idyllic beaches, the fascinating history, the exquisite cuisine, the electronic music, the never-ending nights, the sports activities or the beautiful nature… But what if we told you that there is now a new way to experience Ibiza? Welcome to Twiins. Relax and make yourself comfortable. You are home. This is your story and only you can decide how to live it.

A new experience

Twiins is much more than a hotel. It is a unique place in Ibiza that will allow you to explore the island like never before. A window open to the past, present and future of Ibiza. Take advantage of the endless surprises that we have prepared for you and immerse yourself fully in the most authentic essence of the white island.


A host of experiences to discover the real Ibiza

Why would you forego anything when you can have everything? Variety brings surprises, and surprises bring enjoyment. Discover our roots, our sea; the lively and joyful pulse of Ibiza. Enjoy staying at a hotel that is near the beach. Everything with a spirit that is cosmopolitan and truly Ibizan. Experience our culture and feel like you’re part of it.

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From dowries to traditional dances: Ibizan jewellery

Traditional Ibizan dress is a product of the isolation and self-sufficiency that characterised daily life on the island centuries ago. By making use of the available raw materials, such as wool, flax and hemp, and later incorporating new materials such as cotton, Ibizan textiles were usually produced using domestic looms, normally after a day of hard work.

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